If you plan to sell (or are already selling) online, this is one of the best strategies to ensure you get ahead – and then stay ahead – of your competition.

We are at the end of March already…and I can’t believe it! Where does the time go?

I’ve been exceptionally busy these past few months with lots of new projects on the go, one of which I will be revealing to you very soon, so do keep your eyes on your inbox as I’ll be sending you an invitation to a very special event.

In the meantime, and as a tantalizing little hint of what’s to come, I want to give you some free information today on the topic of private labeling – in other words branding your own products.

This is a strategy that I have used for some time now, but it’s interesting to see more and more emails arriving from subscribers asking whether it’s the right strategy to use and whether it can really allow you to build a successful business.

The answer is yes. But it has to be done properly – step by step.

Obviously you can’t create and build a successful brand overnight, but it is far more achievable than you might realise.

So today I want to give you the 4 main advantages to branding your own products. Then you can think on this and decide whether it could be the right strategy for you to test in the near future.

1. Private labeling eliminates your immediate competition

You can make your product unique, simply by adding your own brand and this eliminates your immediate competition because your product is never ‘exactly’ the same as any other seller’s.

2. Private labeling increases the perceived value of your product

It will be more visually appealing than an unbranded version and so will attract buyers – and what’s more, those buyers will be prepared to pay more than they would for a product with no branding (well known brand or not).

3. Private labeling allows you to charge higher prices

Following on from perceived value, if your product is branded you can charge more because it’s not seen as a ‘generic’ product.

4. Private labeling and brand creation allows you the potential to attract repeat customers

Make your brand memorable. Make sure you have good quality products and your buyers will remember you and return to your store. You will build brand loyalty this way and loyalty equals repeat custom.

So, the message is short but sweet this week! Right now, if you plan to sell (or are already selling) online, own branding is one of the best routes to consider to ensure you get ahead – and stay ahead – of the competition.

So, my recommendation is to certainly consider this route and like I said, there’s more coming on this very topic shortly!