From children’s fancy dress to DIY and gardening equipment, the people who made a living from online auctions

From starting at their kitchen table with an initial £200 investment, the Whites have seen their fancy dress, children’s accessories and gifts business grow so much through eBay that they are opening a bigger warehouse next month and made a turnover of £1.4mlast year. The inspiration for 10 years ago came from shopping for their three children.

“We said: ‘If they are asking for it, surely other children want it,'” said Rachael, 42. Both have a background in retail, she in supermarkets and he in telesales, and both continued with their jobs at first. “We had a computer, we put £200 in, and went to Manchester to the wholesalers to get a few little bits. That sold that week. We thought: ‘OK, let’s go and get a few little more bits.'”…. Continue reading the article courtesy of The Guardian here