When it comes to making it easy for online sellers to uncover in-demand products, Amazon has pretty much always been a step ahead of eBay. Amazon’s best seller lists give a fantastic insight into exactly what’s selling and how popular those products are – and I for one am a huge fan of using them to check a specific product’s viability. With that said there are now some excellent eBay research tools now you can use and that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

eBay have recently upped their game and I’ve got two hot off the press tips for you today which are well worth checking out. Both of these eBay research tools are provided by eBay and both will help you with your product research!

The first of the eBay research tools we’re going to look at is called ‘DataLabs

DataLabs has a function that shows you the most popular selling products on eBay – and it is updated hourly (as well as daily) so this is exactly as it happens, live data from eBay.

By clicking through to ‘What’s Popular’, filtering to ebay.co.uk, selecting the default ‘Top Sold’ option from the tabs and then choosing the ‘Last Hour’ option you can scroll through your chosen category selection (with or without specific keywords if you wish) to see the top products sold… all within the last hour!


For example, by filtering to the ‘Baby’ category and adding the keywords ‘sling’ I immediately saw the most popular style of baby sling sold and how fast it is selling.

In this case it was a stretchy wrap carrier – the top four slings sold in the past hour were all similar ‘stretchy’ styles. It is possible to then click through and actually look at the individual listings, meaning you can see a full sales history.

So, if you have a product in mind, this tool can help you clarify whether or not that specific product is popular.

But there’s more!

You can also use this tool to help you if you’re stuck for product ideas.

Instead of adding keywords, simply filter the category – again, for example, ‘Baby’ – and then scroll through the ‘Top Sold’ and look for unbranded products only.

In just a few seconds, simply by scrolling down the page I found four products worth researching further…

– Waterproof insulated baby changing nappy bags
– Baby car seat booster
– Post-natal belly band wraps
– Baby nursery bedding set

How handy is that? You can then take that selection of potential products and conduct further research with a view to sourcing similar products yourself, knowing that the market is already hot.

The second of our eBay research tools is simply called ‘Trending on eBay

As far as I am aware, Trending on eBay is not something that has been heavily promoted and in terms of usefulness, isn’t quite up to the same standard as the DataLabs tool.

However it can still come in handy because ‘trending’ data allows you to keep an eye on up-and-coming products and weed out seasonal products.

Like DataLabs, this trending information is updated regularly and you can use it to help you with product ideas.

Trending on eBay

You’ll see ten trending products on the page from random categories. When I checked this out earlier this week, the list included bumbags and paddleboards among others – so in this respect, what you see is quite limited.

From the list of ten trending products I immediately disregarded seven of them because they were either too bulky – paddleboards, stairlifts – or too competitive – Hisense TVs, The Revenant on DVD – or just not suitable for consideration (for example, Disney films on VHS).

So, the three trending products left potentially worth looking into further were the bumbags, fascinators and Sixpads. The fascinators and bumbags were quite clearly unbranded products – and they are products that tend to sell steadily all year round and are pretty easy to source. They are also easy to source in a ‘similar but better’ form.

The third product, the Sixpad, is an electronic device that claims to train the waist, arms and legs, giving you abs with little effort! So, this product could definitely be worth researching further – with a view to sourcing your own version… potentially alongside the fascinators and bumbags.

I collected all this information in a matter of minutes, so adding this quick check to your usual research strategy isn’t going to take up a huge amount of extra time.

My suggestion is to use this trending list to generally keep a look out for products that are year-round sellers rather than flash-in-the-pan items. Check it regularly for inspiration – and use DataLabs to research specific products.

Between these two free eBay research tools, you are very likely to pick up ideas that you may have missed previously, so I urge you to give them both a try.